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Quantity Surveying

CRTC believes that quantity surveying is an integral part of any design and construction stages. Whether it is during pre-construction stage or during the construction stage; our dedicated team of expert quantity surveyors works closely with the design and engineering team to find the optimum balance between cost, quality, value, and budget requirements of the client.

CRTC Quantity Surveyors team in collaboration with the rest of the project’s teams carefully study all aspects the project and then apply the latest technics of value engineering and cost reduction methods without compromising quality, time, or safety requirements of clients. For example, they consider alternative design approach, different materials that serve the same purpose, and different suppliers for the same material among other technics.

List of services provided includes:

  1. Pre-Contract Quantity Surveying Services:
  • Feasibility Study.
  • Tender Documents Preparation.
  • Tender Review.
  • BOQ Preparation.
  • Cost Estimate.
  • Rate Analysis.
  • BOQ Pricing.
  • Procurement Services.
  1. Post-Contract Quantity Surveying Services:
  • On-Site Services.
  • Cost Control.
  • Value Engineering.
  • Remeasurement.
  • Interim Valuation.
  • Financial Management of Contractors Accounts.
  • Cash flow.

Contract Documentation

CRTC contract managers are highly skilled in following the best standards and latest procedures to maintain complete and accurate records of all the parties involved in the project. This well-organized system makes it easy to promptly retrieve any required information at any time and especially during the time of claims resolution. This documentation includes:

  • Contract.
  • Conditions of Contract.
  • BOQ.
  • Variation Orders.
  • Drawings.
  • Specification.
  • Method of Statements.
  • Minutes of Meetings.
  • Other Documents. (Including: Technical Reports, Email Conversations, Schedules)