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The Marina Club will be mainly a large mixed use development consisting commercial, office, hotel and residential land uses. It will be located on plot RT-3-C1 and RT-3-C12 at Al Reem Island with a wide range of residential and commercial apartments and facilities. The proposed development will contain residential, retail and commercial components including a luxury hotel as the primary attraction.

Project Description

The proposed Development will contain:

  • Apartment Buildings-652 Dwelling Units
  • General retail area-100 sq. m GFA
  • Office area -200 sq. m GFA

In addition, the Luxury Hotel will have 250 rooms which will satisfy all requirements of the leisure community with its world class facilities and services.


The total number of parking spaces provided for the proposed PD of 3,052 spaces is sufficient to accommodate the parking requirements for the lots based on the shared parking analysis of 2,676.Finally, by implementing the shared parking analysis, the 30% reduction because of the future transit in the project area and the 10 % increase to avoid waiting in the aisles, it is found that the provided 3,052 parking spaces in the basement levels and the podium levels are exceeding the parking demand (2,152 spaces) for the proposed mixed used development by 900 spaces.

Project Location

The Project is located on Plot RT-3-C1 and RT-3- C12at Al Reem Island in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.


Al Tamouh Investments LLC

Role of RTC Consultants

RTC have been retained by Al Tamouh Investments LLC as a Sub-Consultant to provide a detailed Shared Parking Analysis Study for the Abu Dhabi Marina Club Planned Development (PD) located on Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Scope of Works

As a Sub- Consultant RTC has carried out the following tasks:

  • Liaising with Abu Dhabi Municipality and the Client
  • Parking Requirements
  • Shared Parking Analysis
  • Shared Parking Report
  • Addressing Comments

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