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ADISC Staff Accommodation is built on a footprint of 19,825 square meters on a plot located in Khalifa City-A with a total number of 9 buildings and 526 apartments. The total built up area is made up of 3 clusters in which the first one will consist of 504 studios, the second one mainly designed to accommodate 6 duplex apartments and the third cluster which is similar to cluster 2 with an additional 2 extra 2 bedroom duplex apartments in each building.

Project Description

The 3 clusters can be described as follows:

  • Cluster B1: 6 identical 3 story buildings with a total number of 504 studio apartments in an area of 16128 sq.m
  • Cluster 4: consists of one 3 story building made up of 6 duplex apartments with four 2bedroom apartments in 577 sq.m and two 4 bedroom apartments in 463 sq.m
  • Cluster 5: Includes 2 buildings with twelve 2 bedroom duplex apartments in 1732 sqm and 4 four bedroom apartments in 925 sqm.



TIS Circulation Plan of ADISC Staff Accommodation, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

Project Location

The proposed project is located on plot P5A,Khalifa City –A, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Role of RTC

RTC Consultants were appointed by Fibrex Industrial & Contracting Co to prepare a TIS Circulation plan for the proposed project.

Scope of Works

AS a Sub Consultant, RTC has carried out the specified proposed scope of works in the UPC revised application lists for the following items.

  • Site Circulation Plan
  • Universal Access Plan
  • Signage Proposal
  • Parking and Loading Plan
Total Area

19,825 m2

Project Completion Date

September 2010
For more information please contact
Mona Nasr,